Special Care Resources

Overcoming Obstacles to oral health
Current Version — 5th Edition

The purpose of the Overcoming Obstacles training program is to provide a resource for caregivers and professionals training caregivers about oral health for people with disabilities and frail elders.  The training materials are designed to engage caregivers in maintaining the oral health of people for whom they are caring. Overcoming Obstacles describe basic information about oral diseases and their prevention; the use of physical, medical,and behavior strategies for preventing dental diseases; and organizational strategies for incorporating oral health prevention programs into care plans for individuals and organizational processes.

    Prevention Protocols

    The California Department of Developmental Services and the Redwood Coast Regional Center provided the Pacific Center for Special Care with a grant to convene a group of nationally renowned experts to develop oral health prevention protocols for people with special needs. The protocols were published in the September/October 2003 issue of the Journal of Special Care in Dentistry.