RDAEF Curriculum

Program for RDAs

This 410-hour program trains and prepares currently licensed RDAs for the California State Board exam for extended functions. RDAs successfully completing this program will be able to perform all the new procedures in extended functions which include:

  • Performing patient oral health evaluations, charting and evaluating of soft tissue, classifying occlusion and myofunctional evaluation
  • Performing oral health assessments in community and school-based settings under the direction of a dentist, RDH or RDHAP
  • Sizing and fitting endodontic master points and accessory points
  • Making final impressions for tooth-borne removable prostheses
  • Polishing and contouring existing amalgam restorations
  • Placing, contouring, finishing and adjusting all direct restorations
  • Adjusting and cementing permanent indirect restorations

Additionally, participants will be trained to perform:

  • Cord retraction and final impressions procedures for indirect restorations
  • Fitting and cementing endodontic master points and accessory points
  • Making final impressions for permanent indirect restorations
  • All other procedures authorized and adopted by the dental board*

*Please see Section 1753.5 of the California Business and Professionals Code

Program for Existing RDAEFs

This 342-hour program updates existing RDAEFs (who were licensed prior to January 1, 2010) in the new, allowable procedures for RDAEFs described above. Participants who successfully complete the program will be eligible to take the new RDAEF exam, and upon successful completion, will be able to perform all the expanded duties of currently licensed California RDAEFs.

Program Length

The program is offered over a nine-month period and is held on various Saturdays and Sundays at the Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. The next session of the program will start on August 8, 2020. Some segments of this program are delivered face-to-face, with a low faculty-to-student ratio, allowing for an exceptional educational experience at the world-renowned Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. Prior to formal lectures, preliminary online lectures and quizzes will be required, allowing you to review the upcoming material at your own pace. In addition to the extensive laboratory sessions held at the Dugoni School of Dentistry, you will be required to complete and evaluate home practice assignments, thereby assuring your mastery of the laboratory skills. The dental school faculty members involved in this program will be available to you throughout the duration of the program to help you succeed.

Supervising Dentist

In early 2012, the Dental Board of California implemented a requirement that all new RDAEF students must complete 20 clinical restorations on patients under the supervision of a current licensed dentist in order to complete the RDAEF training and to sit for the board exam. Your supervising dentist or hygienist will also be required to attend a clinical orientation session and must supervie your completion of 6 scheduled cord packing and final impression experiences at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry as part of this program. A dentist may supervise up to 3 stdutnes. Current RDAEFs will not need a supervising dentist as they will not be participating in this part of the curriculum.

Computer Requirement

Because this program consists of online lectures and quizzes, students are required to have a computer that meets minimum computer requirements. Students need:

  • Reliable access to a computer
  • Basic computer skills which include but are not limited to accessing the Internet
  • A computer with sound and speakers capable of playing video from the web
  • A high-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable modem)

The following software applications are required for this program:

  • The most recent version of one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • Adobe Acrobat reader (version 10 or later). This is a free download from the Adobe website.
  • The latest version of Flash Player. This is a free download from the Adobe website.

To test your computer to see if it has the latest Flash Player or if it needs to be installed, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the link below to open and run the tutorial demonstrating how to use the program presentations.
  2. If you get a Security Warning message or an error message (i.e. Missing Plug-In) stating your Flash Player is out of date/unavailable click on "Yes" to install Flash Player if the prompt appears or follow the link above to the Adobe website
  3. After installation, most browsers will require you to restart the browser to apply the update; please close all windows of your browser by clicking the "X" in the upper right hand corner and then reopen the browser.

Test your computer by opening and running the tutorial presentation here. Close this new tab when finished with the tutorial to return to this page.

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