How to Apply

Are you ready to apply?

Before you apply, make sure you meet all of the prerequisites and other admission requirements. Use our pre-application self-checklist now to see if you’re ready.

Application Timelines
Matriculation Date Application Window Interview Window Expected Graduation
January 2017 Sept. 1, 2015 – Mar. 1, 2016 Jan. 2016 – Jun. 2016 April 2019
January 2018 Sept. 1, 2016 – Mar. 1, 2017 Jan. 2017 – May 2017 April 2020
January 2019 Sept. 1, 2017 – Mar. 1, 2018 Feb. 2018 – Apr. 2018 April 2021
January 2020 May 1, 2019 – Aug. 1, 2019 Jun. 2019 – Sept. 2019 April 2022
How to Apply
  1. Make sure you are ready to apply. Note: All prerequisites must be completed prior to application submission. (See section: Are you ready to apply?)
  2. Visit the CASPA website to start an application. Be sure to follow CASPA’s instructions for completing the application. Designate University of the Pacific located in Sacramento, CA. Note: Use caution when designating institutions as there is also a Pacific University, which is a separate institution located in Oregon.
  3. Submit all documents required to CASPA. Make sure that your contact information is correct and submit your application. Once your application has been verified we will notify you by email that it has been added to the applicant pool.
  4. We do not have a supplemental application. Please do not submit any documents directly to the program unless requested.

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What needs to be complete by our program’s deadline date?

Applicants must have an application complete date on or before the deadline date. A complete date is given when an application is e-submitted and all transcripts, payments, and at least two letters of reference have been received by CASPA and attached to the application. Documents should be sent several weeks prior to this date to ensure items arrive on time.

Not sure if a particular course meets a requirement?

If you are not sure if a particular course meets one of the prerequisites, you may email the program at for clarification after a review of the FAQ page. Please include a course syllabi if available, or at a minimum a course description, so a determination can be made.

Please be advised that the program does not offer transcript evaluation services for applicants.

Have you applied? Complete a FASFA!

Click here to see the FASFA Guide for Students and Parents. Pacific’s FASFA school code is 001329.

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